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Planning your journey in advance can make it easier to get out and about whether it is your journey to work or a trip to the shops. We have some helpful tips for getting out and about.


Wythenshawe has lots of great places to visit such as Wythenshawe Park and The Forum. Why not try walking, it can be great fun and its free.

Photo by David Masters

Photo by David Masters can help you plan your route, it will also tell you how long it takes and the calories you will burn.

Here’s some common routes to get you started: logo

Did you know?

Walking just 1 mile in 20 minutes, can use up as much energy as:

  • Running a mile in 10 minutes
  • Swimming breaststroke for 10 minutes
  • Cycling for 16 minutes
  • Doing aerobics for 16 minutes


Cycling is an enjoyable, quick, cheap and healthy way to get out and about. If you live approximately five miles from work you may even want to cycle to work which will be good for health and will also save you money.

For help with planning your cycle routes please visit the Cycle Journey Planner.

More information and links

For more advice on cycling please visit…

Public Transport

The Wythenshawe area has good transport links to get you out and about across the country.

Photo by Gene Hunt

Photo by Gene Hunt

For more information on planning your journey please visit, alternatively you can visit the travel shop in Wythenshawe Bus Station.

Travelling from Manchester Airport Interchange

Did you know that you can travel to the following places from Manchester Airport Interchange:

By Train
Manchester City Centre
By bus
Manchester City Centre
And many more…

Local Link

Try Local Link, this is a flexible minibus service which anyone can use within the Wythenshawe area when you want.

The minibuses are child buggy and wheelchair friendly and there’s also plenty of room for your shopping.

They will pick you up from home and take you to where you want to go to. It’s available from 5:30am to 11pm.
Your Local Link logo

For more information

Ring the Local Link service on 08456 05 55 05, or visit the Local Link page on the GMPTE website.

Ring and Ride

Ring and Ride provides door to door travel for people who find it difficult to use ordinary public transport. The service picks up passengers from their home and taking them to where they want to go within certain areas.

For more information

Phone the Ring and Ride service on 08454 50 80 90, or visit the Ring and Ride website.

Calorie Calculator

The calorie calculator can give you a rough idea of how many calories you’ll burn off by getting active.

The amount of energy people use can vary widely even if they seem to be a similar build or age. The calculator is a rough guide to the number of calories you can use by doing different activities.

More information

Carbon Calculator

Find out how much CO2 you create and reduce your carbon footprint!
Carbon Calculator logo

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