Community asset provides new home for local theatre

Northenden Players Theatre Club has been part of Northenden village for 75 years. In this anniversary season, they are celebrating getting their own permanent home for the first time.

Originally formed and performing in church rooms on the site of Tesco, they moved to the Boat House on Boat lane, behind The Tatton where they flourished for 50 years. As that building was sold, they were unceremoniously moved on and found another home in the Methodist Church Hall on Victoria Road.

Over the last 12 months, they have been negotiating with the Community Asset Transfer team at Manchester City Council, and with the support of the local councillors, have secured a lease for their own theatre in the old library building. The building has been closed for a number of years but Northenden Players have the energy and enthusiasm to bring it back to life with a new purpose.

Seating around 60 audience members, it could be described as, “cosy” but those who were familiar with the Boat Lane site will know that doesn’t hold back their ambitions. There’s plenty of work to do to convert the building to a facility that the whole community can enjoy but they hope to be up and running for the Christmas play.

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