Where are they now? - Sarah McNair

Sarah McNair left Manchester Health Academy (MHA) in 2008.  She is now fully qualified as a solicitor and works at Myerson Solicitors in Altrincham.

After leaving MHA, Sarah studied at college for two years and then studied law at university, graduating in 2013 with a law degree.

She then spent one year studying for her Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice (a requirement for those wanting to become a solicitor), graduating again in 2014. She went on to work as a paralegal in a law firm for two years, before securing a training contract at Myerson, which she completed this year.

Looking back at her school days, Sarah said: “I have lots of great memories from high school, but some of the best are remembering the amazing teachers who taught me and helped me to obtain the GCSEs that I did, the variety of subjects I studied, making each day different and interesting. I loved going on residentials, playing sports and of course making life-long friends!”

Sarah’s advice to students: “It’s crucial to realise and understand while at school, the importance of obtaining strong GCSEs in order to set you up in good stead for the future.  It is even more important not to forget your time at school as these will be some of the best days and bring some of the best experiences of your life. 

“If you have an ambition or goal stay focused, motivated and believe in yourself, and one day your ambitions will become a reality.”

In recent years, all four Wythenshawe high schools have been extensively rebuilt to modern learning environments in projects costing tens of millions. Both Manchester Enterprise Academy and Manchester Health Academy received additional investment in 2017/18 to create new teaching spaces, also all-weather multi-sports provision for use by the school and community. Whether you’re a parent looking for a school, or keen to get some career advice for yourself, take a look at the Real Opportunities section.


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