Tyler Lappage - Director Nabarro Poole

“Wythenshawe has opened up a whole range of business opportunities,” says Tyler Lappage. Speaking from his chartered and management accountancy practice, the director of Nabarro Poole remarks that one advantage of the offices being in the area is the quality of the travel links. “The motorways and public transport services make the commute a lot easier for all staff, me included as well as convenient for visiting clients.                                      

The physical move has prompted the business to attract clients more locally. “A few years ago, we didn’t have any clients here in Wythenshawe, we just hadn’t made those connections, but we saw a real chance to change that. On the ‘Welcome to Wythenshawe’ road sign, it even references the number of small businesses here now. It’s seen as a hub and is all part of the image change.”

Originally from Canada, Tyler moved to the UK in 2004 and became involved in the BW3 and the Northenden Business Association (NBA) a few years later. “Through that, we made a number of solid contacts and clients. The NBA as a group were consulted when decisions needed to be made as well. I felt like I really belonged to the place and was happy to be one of those voices.”

Nabarro Poole now represents a number of clients based in Wythenshawe, varying in size. “I like the breadth of businesses we interact with. We have some local companies with very large turnover employing 15-20 employees through to self-employed tradesmen. As a policy, we strive to reinvest what we can back into Wythenshawe and surrounding area. People are encouraged to shop locally when it comes to groceries, so why shouldn’t you look to do that in whatever form you can, be it solicitor, accountant, printing – you name it.”

The housing make-up of Wythenshawe has not escaped Tyler’s attention. “Young professionals are drawn to the area to buy their first houses and that’s fantastic. As that continues to happen, the amenities in the area will reflect the need. As people settle in, the area will flourish, continue to be a desirable place to live and require businesses like ours.”

Sunil Thacker - Pharmacist Thackers Pharmacy

Thackers Pharmacy is a booming Wythenshawe business that has successfully placed community engagement at the heart of its business model. By engaging with the community and encouraging healthier lifestyles amongst local people it has created a successful business that is now in its thirty-fourth year.

Sunil Thacker (BSc (Hons) DipClinPharm MRPharmS) believes in community engagement and is an ambassador for Wythenshawe Hospital (UHSM) as well as working closely with other high profile projects such as Real Food Wythenshawe, the flagship £1 million lottery funded project to encourage healthier lifestyles and sustainable business opportunities in Wythenshawe. He is also a member of the Manchester Local Pharmaceutical Committee (LPC).

“I’m proud to play a small role in such a vibrant community,” says Sunil. “Having been a part of Wythenshawe for so many years as a dispensing chemist I have seen a lot change in both the area and the people. Wythenshawe is a great place to live with enough green spaces to encourage healthy lifestyles amongst its residents.”

Thackers is a pioneering business in a number of ways driven by Sunil’s commitment to inspiring his customers to adopt healthier lifestyles. It’s a shining example of a shared value business by helping its customers to avoid health complications further down the line by taking preventative measures right now through sound advice and education.

Rachel Thomas - General Manager National Trust

The National Trust at Quarry Bank has actively worked in partnership with various organisations in and around Wythenshawe for the past two years.

General manager of the National Trust Cheshire and Wirral portfolio, Rachel Thomas, says of the area, “It has a strong community feel, there are lots of people that highlight what a great place it is.”

As someone that lives elsewhere and travels in to work, Rachel observes, “There are always lots of events happening, and the area has a brilliant array of spaces and centres that are always lively and well-used. We’re keen to encourage people to use and look after the special places they have on their doorstep.”

The National Trust’s educational partnerships are strong. “The primary and secondary schools in Wythenshawe have had a lot of investment over the years, and the standard of education in the area is fantastic. Many schools work with us to deliver learning through different avenues. This has resulted in some fun and engaging projects throughout the year, which we’ve been delighted to have been involved in.”

Rachel comments on Wythenshawe’s ability to attract new businesses, “There are incredible opportunities in Wythenshawe, and new doors seem to open often and at pace, there is a real buzz and sense of ambition in the area. When you begin to explore, there is a lot in Wythenshawe that celebrates heritage, green spaces, and its history.”


Richard Bowden - MD Sterling Event Group

Sterling Event Group is a true Wythenshawe success story – a globe-spanning production and events company that started in the bedroom of an enterprising young local lad.

“I was fifteen years old and still at school when I started the business,” explains managing director Richard Bowden. “My father was, and still is, a local DJ so I saw the events industry from the other side from an early age.

“Initially we were a small hire company servicing the local community but over the years we’ve evolved to provide full technical production providing our expertise to a whole range of businesses and events.”

Richard is certain that one of the keys to the company’s successful growth is its location at the heart of Wythenshawe.

“Being in close proximity to Manchester Airport is great for a number of reasons,” he says. “Not just for the airport itself but for the businesses that form a cluster around it. The £800 million expansion of the airport to become Airport City is going to be great for us and other regional businesses.”

As well as being one of the leading technical production companies servicing Manchester, Sterling can often be found lending its expertise to premium events and launches around the world.

“In the last few months alone we’ve supported events in Dubai, Greece, Spain and Italy,” says Richard. “We also service a number of high profile clients and events in Cheshire but much of our reputation comes from the discretion we have in working with some of our higher profile clients and celebrities.”

“There have been negative perceptions of Wythenshawe in the past,” concludes Richard, “but I have found it to be a remarkable place to grow a business. The hospital is one of the best in the UK, we have remarkable transport links including the airport, we have a great tram service and now Wythenshawe town centre has been vastly improved we’re a great asset to Manchester as a whole.”

Brian Hay - CEO Cardinal Maritime

“I’m Wythenshawe born and bred. To bring the business here made sense, but it was also my intention from the start.” Owner of local business Cardinal Maritime Brian Hay travelled the world to learn his trade before returning with the skills to settle down and begin work in Wythenshawe.

It is that strong identity to the area that has caused Brian to want to reinvest in people.  “All of my family live in the area. That’s what I love about being here, the people. I’m really proud that I can employ a rich and culturally diverse workforce of local people.”

Two apprentices a year are welcomed into the company, to learn on the job. As Brian explains, “The ultimate goal is not to employ workers having completed it, I just think it’s important to give back to the community in which you live and work.”

Success stories do come out of the commitment however, with a newly employed apprentice currently working on the factory floor. “It’s great. He receives full business support and we’re happy to help him develop.”

“Working in freight management and logistics means we need the right people to be trusted to do the job. We’re proud to have found that locally.”

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