Work and skills

There are plenty of options available across Wythenshawe to support local people to find work, whether it's a first job, a new job after being out of work or a change of career. Take a look at the Work & skills section in our Wythenshawe Directory for more details about what's on offer locally. Here are some of the major support opportunities.

Real Opportunities

Real Opportunities is a scheme that enables local Wythenshawe residents to receive one-to-one employment and training support from a specially trained advisor. To access this support all that's needed is the completion of a single-page referral form. This form can be filled in by the person themselves or by anyone who works with them, for example a social worker, nurse or community volunteer. Whoever completes the form needs to have no knowledge of what support is available as the information required is about the individual and their specific needs.

Manchester Adult Education Service

Located in the Forum Centre and specialising in adult education (age 19+). MAES delivers a wide range of courses which help residents to prepare for, and progress into employment, and to develop the skills to take a more active role in their communities through, for example, volunteering. Julie Rushton, head of MAES said:“In research carried out in 2016, 99% of learners said that MAES courses make their lives better."

Airport Academy

Airport Academy is based at Manchester Airport and offers pre-emplyment courses for people interested in working for one of the many employers based on site, who offer a wide range of job opportunities.

Work Clubs

Work clubs are local support groups based in community venues that offer advice, guidance and informal skills teaching by staff and volunteers. These clubs have computer and internet access so people can write CVs, complete application forms and jobsearch online - all with help and support available.There are several work clubs in Wythenshawe and further details can be found in the Work & skills section in the Wythenshawe Directory.

The Enterprise Centre

The Enterprise Centre in Benchill provides business advice and support to local people who are planning to start their own business or would like support to develop an existing business. The centre also offers office space and meeting rooms for hire.

Real Lives

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